January 9, 2015


Mary Robinette Kowal posted an interesting article: "This post! I'm promoting it, even though I've been told it's tacky to self-promote." She makes a very good argument that if you don't tell people what you've done this year, they won't just know.

Even though I doubt I'm in the running for anything this award season*, she's right. I should put up a summary. And thanks to her excellent post, if it's tacky, I get to be tacky along with a very classy woman.

So! Here's my 2014:

Drift, from Tu Books. Kirkus Review said: "Original worldbuilding and cosmology spice up a save-the-world romantic adventure....Readers will find watching Hutchins’ unusual magical rules bring about startling consequences for family and political structure utterly fascinating."

"Golden Chaos," Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, Issue # 40. Available here.

Short Stories:
"A Dragon's Doula," Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, Issue #42. Available here.

"Waterlilies," Daily Science Fiction. April 21, 2014. Available for free online here.

"Wishing Hard Enough," Leading Edge Magazine, Issue #65. February 2014.

*For readers who aren't aware, nominations for the Nebulas and Hugos are both coming up soon, making this "award season" for the SF/F genres.