December 21, 2020

End of Year Post 2020

First off: The Redwood Palace e-book is on sale until tomorrow for $0.99. If you've been meaning to grab it, now is a great time.

2020 has been a year, to say the least. It's odd to see fiction I wrote pre-pandemic come out during this time. In any case, I had four new stories released this year. "The Librarian's Duel" and "Inconvenient Parasites" were both in Keyforge: Tales From the Crucible. This was my first time writing tie-in fiction, and I've been delighted to get such good reviews. "Upcycling Death" came out in Brain Games: Stories to Astonish. And last but not least, "This is How the Rain Falls" from Daily Science Fiction, which is free to read online.

What will next year hold? I don't know. Things with The Coral Palace are well underway with my publisher and I'm working on editing the third and final Plum book, which has some of my favorite scenes yet.

I hope everyone is healthy and staying safe. May the next year be better than this one.