January 28, 2011

Copy in hand

I got my copy of LE.  I've almost finished reading it, and I'm happy to say that, as always, LE's produced a fantastic product.  I submitted to Leading Edge in the first place because I love the magazine.  I think that's a really good rule of thumb for writers: submit to markets you respect and enjoy.  Not only do I think this has a better chance of matching my writing with an editor who likes it, but it also means that seeing my story along with all the other great ones in Leading Edge is a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

January 12, 2011

Leading Edge #60 is out!

Issue #60 of Leading Edge is now available here.

This has been a pretty cool process.  I first submitted "Cryonic Sushi" to Leading Edge in October of 2009.  In May 2010, my story made its way through the slush room, and I got a happy e-mail from the editor, letting me know they'd like to accept my story.  Now it's actually in print -- in one of my favorite magazines.  I've seen this process from the other side of the desk, but never as the author.  It's odd and rewarding to have a story be finished.

I'm looking forward to getting the magazine, seeing the artwork, and reading the other stories!  I'm always excited to see the new issue of Leading Edge, of course, but there's something surreal about seeing my words in print.  I'm avidly writing and working on new stories, so I'm hopeful that I'll have the opportunity again.