June 29, 2014

Giveaway! Guest Posts!

Read Now, Sleep Later is doing a giveaway of Drift!

I also have a post up at The Brain Lair, talking about my fascination with obsidian, and a post at It's All About Books talking about my five most influential/important books.

June 20, 2014

The Big Idea and Supernatural Snark

Over at John Scalzi's blog, I have a The Big Idea post up for Drift, talking about cultural ecology and the way we worldbuild fantasy cultures.

And I'm also at Supernatural Snark, talking about the Maya mythology inspirations for Drift.

I'll have more guest posts around the web for the next while to celebrate Drift's release! I'll continue to link to them here. I also haven't forgotten about that print-and-play game I mentioned from inside the world of Drift. Everything's just about ready for that, so it's coming soon!

June 12, 2014

Guest Post + Forbidden Dessert

I'm over at J. Kathleen Cheney's blog today, talking about strange things that happen in publishing. She has a whole series of authors talking on this topic, which fascinates me. Everyone has such different stories. Check it out!

Also, I haven't spent enough time in board games shops lately. I'm still going to blame my move to a new state. In any case, I just learned yesterday that the game Forbidden Desert exists. It's a sequel-game to Forbidden Island, a great co-op game that plays like a quick version of Pandemic (all three games were designed by the same guy -- Matt Leacock).

Hopefully soon I'll get my hands on a copy and have a review up, but given my track record with Matt Leacock games, I'm pretty sure it will be amazing. Also, I love the cover artwork. Gorgeous.

June 7, 2014

Reviews for Drift

The Kindle version of Drift is out! Also. I haven't linked to the Kirkus review, but they had some nice things to say:

Readers will find watching Hutchins’ unusual magical rules bring about startling consequences for family and political structure utterly fascinating. Totally fresh.

I also haven't mention Sarah Beth Durst's review here, which gets quoted on the cover. I had no idea my published had sent the book to her. Vessel is amazing. It's still surreal that she read my book, let alone said nice things about it.
A fantastic adventure set in a stunning, original world, Drift is the kind of book that draws you in so completely that you'll believe you are living on an island on the back of a turtle, fighting off water spirits, and claiming your own magical treasures. Some of the best worldbuilding I've ever read.