December 29, 2016

2016 in Review

With 2016 coming to an end, I'm writing out goals for next year and looking back over what I've worked on this year. I had a number of stories appear in new formats -- Golden Chaos came out as audio fiction from Podcastle with a fantastic narration from Heath Miller. I'm over the moon to say that Podcastle has picked up a sequel to this story, entitled "The Chaos Village," which is from Rob's POV. It'll be out in 2017.

Poet-Scholars of the Necropolis saw print for the first time in the Myriad Lands anthology. And Genie from the Gym also got the audio treatment over at Far Fetched Fables, with Chris Lade narrating.

I also had four new short stories published. Of these, I'm most proud of Dragon Soap, out from
Fireside Magazine. Here's an excerpt:

Gran never did like it when I used the Winchester to deal with dragons -- so I went and did a damn fool thing and set out to hunt them in the dead of night. It wasn't hard to sneak by Gran. She snored twice as loud as she barked, which was saying something.

I clambered down the hill from out farm and into the swamp. A half-moon glowed above the trees, casting strange shadows over the curtains of moss and standing pools of water. It almost made the mud look like opals, but that didn't change the smell.

I had two stories out from Daily Science Fiction this year, Words of Creation and At the Museum of Holographic Art. Strange Horizons also released Dragon-Smoked Barbeque.

I had fun writing all of these. Some -- including the Rob stories -- started years ago. Others were sparked during soap-making experiments, barbeque excursions, time spent playing with my young children, Codex writing contests, Wikipedia rabbit holes, and other such noble pursuits. I hope you enjoy.

December 21, 2016

More Instructables

Back in May, I wrote up how to make a historical Aztec foaming chocolate drink, something I'd researched and experimented with and was very proud of. I put it up on Instructables, a DIY website with a vast pool of user-created knowledge. I wanted to throw my efforts as far into the internet as I could.

I like DIY, and I've since written a few more Instructables. Thankfully my picture-taking skills are improving. All three of these were featured Instructables, and the Churrasco Beef placed in the Meat Contest. Enjoy!

100% Whole Wheat Home-Ground Sandwich Bread, Rolls, and Focaccia

Brazilian BBQ Churrasco Beef

Whole Fire-Roasted Pineapple