September 21, 2022

Ana's Asteroid Preorder Page is Live!

 Just what the title says! Ana's Asteroid has an Amazon page now. Currently, it's only showing the ebook preorder, but the physical copy is coming.

August 4, 2022

Cover Reveal for Ana's Asteroid!

I finally get to share this beautiful cover by Rebecca Barney! I love how obviously science fiction it is, I love how middle-grade friendly and inviting it is, and I was amazed at how much of the story it managed to capture in this one image. When I saw it, my book felt like a real novel instead of a Google Docs on my computer. 

Surviving in space is never simple.

Thirteen-year-old Ana lives on The Platinum Phoenix, a run-down mining colony carved out of a massive asteroid. When the mining robots break, panic follows. Without them, the colony can't extract the ice they depend on for water. The mine shafts were designed for slender robots—adults can't fit through them to make repairs by hand. But Ana can.

To save her colony and her family, Ana suits up and heads deep into the dangerous vacuum of the mines, hoping to make the repairs that will keep everyone she loves alive.

July 15, 2022

Seafoam & Cinders is live!

 Over at Flash Fiction Online, you can read my short story "Seafoam & Cinders". Is this a fairytale mashup? Yes, yes it is.

I may or may not have mentioned that I now have an Instagram account, but one of the interesting things about IG means that all posts need a visual element. I guess I could do it another way, but I enjoy tinkering around with graphic design and making simple little covers for my short stories when I post over there. It's fun to try to capture the mood/vibe of a story in visual form. Here's my little cover for "Seafoam & Cinders":

January 14, 2022