March 23, 2020

Kindle Sale + Keyforge

Given the rough times we are all in together, right now until March 26th, Immortal works has all their e-books on sale for $0.99, including The Redwood Palace.

Unrelated, but cheerful and bright -- I'm going to be part of Keyforge: Tales From the Crucible. I have two novelettes in here, "Useful Parasites" and "The Librarian's Duel." As someone who adores board games, it was extremely fun to write in this world. There's already some great reviews coming in. If you're a book reviewer, this one is over at Netgalley.

I wish I had something profound to add about everything that's happening in the world right now, but truth of the matter is, I'm no great essayist. I am taking care of my family, playing board games, staying away from other people, and trying not to spend too much time reading the news. I hope everyone else out there is trying to stay safe.