October 3, 2017

The Eternal Army

My short story, "The Eternal Army" is live at Daily Science Ficiton! Romans, necromancers, and Marcius Curtius. Read it here!

September 27, 2017

Story Sales & ComicCon

I've been quietly updating my bibliography, but I've sold three more short stories -- "Exhaling Memories", "The Eternal Army" and "Glass in Frozen Time". I'll let you all know when they come out!

ComicCon went swimmingly. I got to meet lovely people, talk about books, moderate a panel, listen to Dick Van Dyke, and learn how to play both the My Little Ponies Collectible Card Game and Century: Spice Road. I've been coveting the later game for some time now, and it was a delight to play and see that yes, it was everything I'd hoped for and more. Maybe a longer review on that in the future. I also played in the MLP: CCG tournament -- the first gaming tournament I've been in -- and placed horribly while having a blast.

I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend -- I'm back to writing now!

September 21, 2017

Salt Lake Comic Con!

I will be at Comic Con tomorrow! Here's where to find me:

My books will be available at Booth 639, under the big Xchyler banner. I'll be there for large chunks of Friday as well.

Friday at 4:00 I'm on "Disney Princesses: The Hero in All of Us", room 155

Saturday at 3:45 I'll be doing a reading at KidCon.

Hope to see you there!

May 23, 2017

The Chaos Village

Part one of "The Chaos Village" is live at Podcastle! Yes, this is a sequel story to "Golden Chaos." Yes, it's in Rob's POV. Heath Miller is back as narrator and he does an absolutely fantastic job with Rob. I'm terribly pleased with all of this.

UPDATE: And here's part two!

You don't need to read the first story to dig into this, but if you want to start with it, click here.

May 16, 2017

Fyrecon Schedule

Fyrecon is coming up fast! Here's my current schedule:


12:30-2:20pm -- Everything You Need to Know About Writing & Selling Short Fiction (Teen Track, 2-hour class)

4:30-5:20pm -- Cat Saving for Fun and Profit: Various Story Structures (Panel)


9:30-10:20am Vivid Description (Teen Track, Class)

1:30-2:20pm Fantasy: More than Magic and Elves (Panel)

6:30-7:20pm Narrative Drive (Writing Track, Class)


12:30pm Underused Conflicts: What are They and How they Make Your Story Stronger (Panel)

2:30pm 3-to-1 Editing Group

5:30pm Author Spotlight

March 20, 2017

Post-FanX Links

I had a great time talking to so many new writers at FanX. It's always great to see so many people who are excited about writing!

I recommended a few things to people, and thought I'd just put the links here, so they're easy to find:

The Submission Grinder. This is like Google, but for short story markets. You can put in the genre, the word count, and what pay rates you want to look at (anything $0.06/word and above is considered pro-paying, though there are also good markets that pay less). From that list, you can go on to read magazine's individual guidelines. Use it! Submit those short stories!

Life the Universe and Everything. This is both one of the absolute cheapest and absolute best writing conferences I've ever been to. It is packed with panels and classes, taught by all kind of amazing authors. It's in February, so you'll have to wait until next year, but seriously. LTUE. It's amazing. Barring the zombie apocalypse (and maybe even then?), I'll be there next year.

Fyrecon. This conference focuses on classes and small critique groups. They've got a bunch of great authors coming, and I'm excited to have something like this happening up north (it's in Layton, UT). It's also very cheap, with steep discounts for students. And they've got a track for teen writers, which -- as someone who was a teen writer -- just makes me ridiculously happy.

Critters.org. This is an online workshop. You can get your short stories critiqued here, as well as swap novels with people. I've run a number of now-published short stories as well as Drift through Critters. Critters will also give you lots of practice critiquing other people's writing, which is invaluable as well.