April 30, 2018

Ana's Asteroid

My short story "Ana's Asteroid" is out live today from Cast of Wonders! You can listen to it or read it for free on their website.

I think this is the first bit of hard science fiction I've published. I wrote it with younger readers in mind -- the main character is thirteen -- and it's the kind of thing I would have wanted to read as a kid.

I loved (and still love) board games and PBS NOVA as a kid, and both of those things came into play for this story. Many games of High Frontier got me thinking hard about different asteroid mining possibilities. And Emergency Mine Rescue from NOVA gave me some engineering insights into digging deep. NOVA also has a great resources for learning about space.

February 12, 2018

LTUE Schedule

I always look forward to The Life, The Universe, and Everything. It's one of the finest SFF conferences for writers. If you're looking to find me there, I'll be at...

1:00pm: Magic Systems: Soft Vs. Hard (panel)
6:00pm: Kinship Systems from Around the World (panel)

9:00am: Write What you Know: Getting Ideas from Everyday Skills (panel)
6:00pm: Cuneiform, Hieroglyphs, Alphabets: Cultural Writing Systems (panel)
7:00pm: Massive Author Book signing!

9:00am: Avoiding the Dreaded Info Dump. (class)
12:00pm: Bite-Sized Fiction (panel)
6:00pm: Communications Throughout History (panel)

Publishing Updates!

The anthology Mind Candy is now out! My story "The Sixth Axiom of the Magician-Sages" is in it -- a story about math proofs, childbirth, and magic.

"Exhaling Memories" came out last year, but I got my physical copy of Aliterate recently. You can read this one online for free, but the book itself is beautiful.

December 30, 2017

Exhaling Memories and the end of 2017

My short story "Exhaling Memories" is out from Aliterate! The setting is inspired by the Inca, and the story's about what happens after your empire controls the Fountain of Youth.

This has been a busy year. I set high writing goals for myself, and hit most of them. I'm very happy to have three stories already slated to come out next year.

I've also enjoyed digging into other projects. I tried out my first real project using a jigsaw and ended up with a nice toy pram.

And the winter garden has been flourishing, helping chase off the winter blues with greenery and radishes.

It was lovely to be able to spend the holidays with family. I hope everyone had a great 2017, and that more good things find you in 2018!

October 3, 2017

The Eternal Army

My short story, "The Eternal Army" is live at Daily Science Ficiton! Romans, necromancers, and Marcius Curtius. Read it here!

September 27, 2017

Story Sales & ComicCon

I've been quietly updating my bibliography, but I've sold three more short stories -- "Exhaling Memories", "The Eternal Army" and "Glass in Frozen Time". I'll let you all know when they come out!

ComicCon went swimmingly. I got to meet lovely people, talk about books, moderate a panel, listen to Dick Van Dyke, and learn how to play both the My Little Ponies Collectible Card Game and Century: Spice Road. I've been coveting the later game for some time now, and it was a delight to play and see that yes, it was everything I'd hoped for and more. Maybe a longer review on that in the future. I also played in the MLP: CCG tournament -- the first gaming tournament I've been in -- and placed horribly while having a blast.

I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend -- I'm back to writing now!