August 23, 2013

Co-op Train Game: A Free PnP

Forever ago, when I went to LTUE, I printed this free Co-op Train Game designed by Randy Cox. It seemed like a nice way to show the kiddos I hadn't forgotten them.

Of course, no one played the game until after I returned home. Sigh. But since then, it's become one of our favorites. And one of the few kids' co-ops that I know.

The essence of the game is to move about the board, pick up goods from the green spaces, and then deliver them to the appropriate yellow locations. Everyone works as a team trying to make the deliveries before the sun marker reaches the end of the day.

August 16, 2013

There and Back Again

So, the new blog layout didn't seem to load correctly half the time. Alas. I've returned to the simpler template, but hopefully made the blog easier on the eyes in the process.

My posts have been sparse of late for two reasons: moving out-of-state, and moving out-of-state while completing edits on Drift. The book cover is currently being designed, the text is getting close to its final form. This is all feeling very real; it's exciting watching all the pieces come together.