January 24, 2017

Cookie Cutter Ravioli

More Instructables! This time, I've written up Cookie Cutter Ravioli, with lots of tips for cooking with kids. My son was the one who got us into pasta making, and we had a lot of fun creating this together.

January 21, 2017

LTUE 2017 Schedule!

LTUE is coming up! I absolutely love this conference -- it's full of so many amazing panels and classes for writers, and it's incredibly accessible (i.e., $5 for students, and still really cheap for everyone else).

I'll be carrying around postcards and some cool new bookplates, so feel free to ask me for book swag. Here's my schedule:

Thursday, 10:00am. Research for the Fantasy Writer (presentation).
Real-world research is a gold mine for fantasy writers. Research can spark an idea for an epic novel, give an author just the right detail, and sidestep glaring errors that will make sword aficionados (or any other kind of enthusiast) toss your book aside. Come learn from M. K. Hutchins how to dig into the research that will make your book shine. (Arches)

Friday, 9:00am. Ancient Technology (panel) 
Though they may not have used electricity, many ancient civilizations created ingenious technologies to build cities, make calendars, and travel the world. This will highlight some of those technologies. (Maple)

Friday, 4:00pm. Scarcity and Innovation (panel)
From 30-second ad spots to still suits: resource scarcity leads to unique challenges that call for specific answers. This panel will look at real and fictitious examples of innovation that is driven by scarcity. (Canyon)

Friday, 6:00pm-8:00pm. Book Signing! Seriously, it's a huge room of dozens and dozens of authors signing books. It's awesome. 

Saturday, 3:00pm. Culling the Classics: Fantasy
Classic fantasy books, new and old, everyone should read. (Maple)