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Tenjat lives on the shores of Hell, an ocean filled with ravenous naga monsters. His island, a massive Turtle, is slowed by the people living on its back. Tenjat is poor as poor gets: poor enough, even, to condescend to the shame of marriage, so his children can help support him one day.

But Tenjat has a plan to avoid this fate. He will join the Handlers, those who defend and rule the island. Handlers never marry, and they can even provide for an additional family member. Against his sister's wishes, Tenjat joins the Handlers. And just in time: the Handlers are ramping up for a dangerous battle against the naga monsters, and they need every fighter they can get.
As the naga battle approaches, Tenjat's training intensifies, but a long-hidden family secret—not to mention his own growing feelings for Avi—put his plans in jeopardy, and might threaten the very survival of his island.
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Hidden Paths: Nine Fantasy and Science Fiction Stories

Nine fantastical tales of fantasy and science fiction from M.K. Hutchins. Delve in forbidden jungles, travel across flesh-eating oceans, and chow down on some cryonic sushi. Originally appearing in Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show, Daily Science fiction, and elsewhere, these stories are collected here for the first time.

Included is this collection is the novelette "The Temple's Posthole", which won an IGMS Reader's Choice award and was placed on the Tangent Online Recommended Reading List.

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Short Fiction:


"Necromancer, 79th Infantry Division," Daily Science Fiction, June 17, 2015. Available for free online here.


"A Dragon's Doula," Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, Issue #42. Available here.

"Golden Chaos," Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, Issue # 40. Available here.

"Waterlilies," Daily Science Fiction. April 21, 2014. Available for free online here.

"Wishing Hard Enough," Leading Edge Magazine, Issue #65. February 2014. 


"Bricks and Sunlight," Suddenly Lost in Words, Vol. 3.  Available on Amazon here.

"Raspberry Pudding," Abyss & Apex, Issue #46.  Available for free online here.

"The Temple's Posthole,"  Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, Issue #32.  Available here.


"Under Warranty," Cucurbital 3, Paper Golem.  Edited by Lawrence M. Schoen.

"Blank Faces," Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, Issue #28.  Available here.  Read about the writing of the story here.

"Indigestion," The Gruff Variations, Writing for Charity Anthology, Vol. 1.  Edited by Eric James Stone.  March 16, 2012.


"Canvas," Daily Science Fiction, Oct 5, 2011.  Available for free online here.

"Cryonic Sushi," Leading Edge Magazine, Issue #60.  January 2011.