May 21, 2016

Historic Foam Aztec Chocolate Drink

Last spring, I found myself cursing at Google. I search and searched for a recipe for making authentic Aztec chocolate. I found stuff that foamed...with milk in it. I found stuff with only pre-Columbian ingredients...that didn't foam.

So I began experimenting. My chocoholic husband did not seem to mind. After a good bit of trial and error, we came up with something I'm very proud of -- a drink made from just cacao and water that actually produces a thick, delicious foam.

My husband pointed out that we'd done something cool, and I needed to actually write it up and share it. I thought about posting it on just my blog, but figured more people could find it more easily if I wrote this up as an Instructables. Behold, the chocolate recipe!

There are a couple modern shortcuts -- like using pre-ground cacao (or chocolate liquor, available in most supermarkets as unsweetened baking chocolate). But I'm very pleased with it.