November 4, 2013

Updates: Books, Board Games, Babies

1. Drift is still on schedule to come out next year. I've been getting to see the cover concepts; it's very exciting! Also, reading/writing my bio is still weird.

2. You may have noticed a recent dearth of board game reviews/match-ups. After moving, I'm mostly playing games I already know with friends who live nearby, instead of lots of new games at a board game shop. So I hope to have more of these, but I expect them to be slow in coming.

3. But, I have been working on formatting a free, print-and-play board game that's played in Drift. It's abstract -- think Checkers or Go -- but I think this will be fun for readers who also play board games. I'm planning on putting this up when the release date for the book is closer. Maybe on release day to celebrate. :)

4. You've probably also noticed a slowing of blog posts here. It's been a busy few months, moving out-of-state and settling into a new apartment while keeping up on writing, edits, and everything else. "Everything else" includes getting ready for a new baby in our lives, who is finally due this month! So, I expect blog posts to be slow through the holidays, too. Next year, it looks like I'll be part of a new blogging project...but I'll give more details when everything's in place.

5. The Kickstarter for Not A Villain: Book 2 ends in five days. The project has already funded (hurrah!). The artist/writer, Aneeka, is someone I know in real life, and she tells an amazing web comic story. If you're not familiar with it and want to check it out, the comic is here.

6. Gem State Writers, where I contributed until leaving the fabulous state of Idaho, has just closed its doors. If you've enjoyed it, and want to say good-bye, click here for the final post.