June 12, 2014

Guest Post + Forbidden Dessert

I'm over at J. Kathleen Cheney's blog today, talking about strange things that happen in publishing. She has a whole series of authors talking on this topic, which fascinates me. Everyone has such different stories. Check it out!

Also, I haven't spent enough time in board games shops lately. I'm still going to blame my move to a new state. In any case, I just learned yesterday that the game Forbidden Desert exists. It's a sequel-game to Forbidden Island, a great co-op game that plays like a quick version of Pandemic (all three games were designed by the same guy -- Matt Leacock).

Hopefully soon I'll get my hands on a copy and have a review up, but given my track record with Matt Leacock games, I'm pretty sure it will be amazing. Also, I love the cover artwork. Gorgeous.

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