December 12, 2014

Go Teen Writers Interview

I got to be on a wonderful panel with Jill Williamson at SLC ComicCon. Later, she interviewed me -- it's up on Go Teen Writers, where I talk about being a teen writer, advice for teens, and, of course turtles. They're hosting a giveaway of DRIFT, too! Hurry over -- as of this writing, there are 35 hours left to enter.


  1. I just finished reading your novel, Drift, and I've got to say it was amazing! Admittedly, I didn't like the first few pages because it felt like one of those sad refugee stories, but then when I got deeper into the book, I couldn't put it down. The characters and especially the world building was incredible! I know people say that a lot about fantasy books, but they mostly talk about the world building in those overused stories with dragons and wizards. Your book was so eye opening to what a fantasy story could be! I know you were inspired by Mayan culture, but you really pulled it off. It was simply amazing and now I'm looking forward to your next book. A part of me hopes for a sequel to Drift, and another part of me would be happy if it was a standalone book. I do want to know how a new Ceibak would affect the culture of the other turtles, but at the same time I love the ending to Drift because it leaves off with a lot of hope for the future. Whatever you decide to write next, I'm sure it'll be great. P.S. - Even though I don't really read short stories, I decided to buy Hidden Paths and give it a try.