January 23, 2015

LTUE Schedule

I'll be at Life, the Universe, and Everything -- a great conference about writing held from Feb 12-14 in Provo, Utah. Here's my schedule! Room numbers are yet to come. It looks like I'll get to spend lots of time talking about archaeology/anthropology/folklore. :)

9am Thu: Building Different Economies / Politics
2pm Thu: Using History & Folklore to Enrich Your World
7pm Thu: Using Anthropology for Inspiration

1pm Fri: Push Button Technology

10am Sat: Young Adult Protagonists
1pm Sat: Modern Fantasy & It’s Relation to Folklore and Myth
4pm Sat: The History of Chocolate
6pm Sat: Selling Your Short Story

ETA: I will also be at the mass book signing Friday, 8:00pm.

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