July 7, 2015

Reprint: The Temple's Posthole

"The Temple's Posthole" is, in my opinion, some of my very, very best work. It's been reprinted in this issue of Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, which means it's now free to read online. If you haven't read my stuff, this is pretty representative of what I love to write. There's a lot of worldbuilding with the magic, and exploration of that magic. There's family relationships. Perhaps this one also sticks closely with me because it deals with archaeology in a way (postholes!) and the setting is inspired by the Classic Maya civilization.

In any case, I'm pleased as pie that it's been reprinted. If you haven't read it, click here! And yes, I did just shamelessly link to the same story twice in the same small blog post. I still shamelessly love this story, and very proud to have it in another publication, to share with a new set of readers.

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