July 28, 2015

Poet-Scholars of the Necropolis

I have a brand-new short story out at Podcastle, "Poet-Scholars of the Necropolis"! I'm very happy this story found such a good home. Julia Rios does an amazing job of narrating.

I've also started a newsletter/mailing list -- there's a sign-up on the right-hand bar of this website, or on the Contacts page. I'll send out a newsletter a few time a year with updates and announcements. No spam. No giving away your e-mail. Just good times.


  1. Hi M.K.,

    I just fired up the latest episode of Podcastle and as Graeme Dunlop began reading your bio, I had to stop and look you up. First, congrats on your publications!

    Second, the reason I was so curious about you is that I too studied archaeology at BYU. I did my BA and MA there. I'm pretty sure I know you. I taught Anthropology 207 (ancient technology) for a few semesters. I think you were one of my students.

    Did you happen to make a limestone stela with Mayan writing on it? It was a pretty memorable project.

    Anyway, if you are not that person, please disregard. I'm now on my way to listen to your story. I'm excited to hear it.


    A. Woods

    1. That is me! I still have the flint tools I used to do that. Experimental archaeology was both one of the most exciting and more informative classes I took in college -- thank you so much for teaching it. My little brother still makes fun of me for my propensity to put flintknapping and obsidian in half of what I write.

  2. That's great. What a small world. I really enjoyed your story. A nice bit of world-building and characters with intriguing origins.

    I really enjoyed teaching that class. It is still one of the most fun I've had teaching a class.

    Finally, your little brother should be the object of derision. Flintknapping needs to be in so many more stories. Spread the good word!