May 29, 2014

Author Copies + Award

First off, my author copies of Drift have arrived! This was a very fun package to open. From the cover to the layout and design, this is one beautifully-made book. I'm grateful that such talented people have put so much care and effort into making this book.

Also, my novelette, "The Temple's Posthole" tied for third place in the annual IGMS Reader's Choice Award. I'm very fond of this story -- it also draws a lot of inspiration from Maya archaeology. I'm thrilled that other people like it, too.


  1. Huzzah and congratulations Megan! Let me know when the book releases. I'd love to get a copy. I like my actual, physical books y'know? Hope you're doing well.

  2. Thanks! I'll be sure to let you know.

  3. When does a digital version get released?

    1. The book officially comes out mid-June, so the e-book should be out by then.