January 24, 2014

LTUE 2014 Schedule

I'm very happy to be able to attend LTUE again this year. This is the first writing conference I ever attended, and it still feels like going home. I'm looking forward to seeing some of you there!

Here's my classes and panels for this year:

Thursday, February 13th

2:00pm -- Narrative Drive: Techniques for building momentum in your story that will never fizzle out.

5:00pm -- Writing, Literacy, and Culture: A panel with Orson Scott Card, Laryssa Waldron, Johnny Worthen, Ami Chopine, and Clint Johnson.

Friday, February 14th

11:00am -- Short Stories in a Nutshell: how short stories are different than novels, how to write them, and where to sell them.

1:00 pm --  Selling Your Short Story: How to find a publisher (or agent) for your short story and how to sell them your masterpiece. A panel with Brad R. Torgersen, Emily Martha Sorensen, Eric James Stone, Suzanne Vincent, and Jaclyn M. Hawkes.

Saturday, February 15th

3:00 -- Wrapping Things Up: The hero is victorious and the villain's evil plan lies in ruins...now what? A panel with Bree Despain, Janci Patterson, Michael Young, Chad Morris, and Brandon Sanderson.

6:00 -- Creating Subplots: How to keep readers engaged with subplot while you keep your overall story flowing perfectly. A panel with David Farland, Jaclyn M. Hawkes, and Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury. 



  1. I loved your Short Stories in a Nutshell presentation. Thanks for the handout info on short stories to look up! This year's LTUE actually reminded me that I attended a panel at LTUE last year that you were on that I loved (something about anthropology I believe). So I decided to come look up you finally. Hope you'll be back again next year!

  2. I'm glad it was helpful! I hope I'll be at LTUE next year, too. I always love being there.