January 2, 2014

Looking Back and Looking Forward

January tends to make me contemplative.

In the past year, a lot of good things have happened. Drift was officially announced in Publisher's Weekly. I qualified to join SFWA, I had two short stories and a novelette published, and three more stories accepted. I was able to go to LTUE, perhaps my favorite conference, and meet with much of my writing group in person. I wrote the first draft of a Middle Grade SF novel, which was an adventure. I'd never written Middle Grade or novel-length SF before. Oh. And I moved to a new state and had a baby.

It's been a really busy year -- in a good way.

And as for 2014? Drift will be released. I'll have at least three short stories coming out, and I'm planning on making it to LTUE again. I've got more novels I want to draft, and some that I should revise (like that SF novel). I'm also going to be part of Novelocity, a blog where authors with novels coming out in 2014 talk about some of their favorite books. The first post -- our introductions -- is up!

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