April 24, 2012

Book Giveaway!

Last week, I read Vodnik by Bryce Moore, no easy feat since I had to keep the book away from my husband.  It was the kind of book that turned off my critical, editing brain and caught me up in the fantasy story.  Slovakian fairy tale creatures, adventure, mystery, and doses of laugh-out-loud humor?  I loved it.

Then my husband started reading the book.  He'd only look up to ask a question or quote some deliciously funny bit.  It was like I got to read Vodnik all over again, watching his anxiety and delight.  As soon as he finished he asked me, "When's the next book come out?"

"Well, there'll only be a sequel if the first one does sells well," I replied.

And then we had a mind-meld moment.  Let's go grab another copy.

But while another copy on my shelf would be cool, giving away a copy of Vodnik on the blog seemed like an even better idea.  

Here's how to enter:

1. Have a U.S. mailing address.  Sorry, no international mail.
2. Leave a comment.  You can get an extra entry each for:
          A) Following the blog
          B) Sharing the contest! (Twitter, Facebook, a chalk drawing on your driveway -- whatever works for you).

So, if you leave a comment letting me know that you follow the blog and you shared this with someone else, you'll have three entries!

The contest will close on May 7th at 9:42pm, MDT.  I'll announce the winner here on May 8th.  If I'm unable to reach the winner, after a week, I'll draw a new one.  Random number will be provided by Random.org.


  1. sounds like fun! Count me in.

  2. I've actually been really excited to read this book, but it's had to stay on my to-read list for a while because I'm a poor college student who lacks the transportation for regular bookstore visits...
    Thanks for hosting a giveaway for it! :D

    I live in the US and follow your blog (via GFC as Hannah Elisabeth). Do you need us to leave our email for contacting?

  3. If you want to leave your e-mail to make sure you don't miss out, that's fine. Otherwise, just drop by on May 8th to see who the winner is -- I'll have that person e-mail me their mailing address. Thanks for entering!

    1. I'll definitely keep dropping by! :)
      But just to be absolutely sure in case I was in Narnia at the time or something unforeseeable: inkdippedninja@gmail.com

  4. I feel bad spamming you with extra comments, but: https://twitter.com/#!/SparklingPsycho/status/195268378523480064

    I could not resist that extra entry and sharing a share-worthy blog and contest.

  5. ooh, sounds interesting...count me in. :)

  6. Hey, Megan! I'll try to win this book, too. :) I'm always needing new reading material. And I follow.

  7. Hey Megan! Sounds like a great book count me in!