January 3, 2023

The Obsidian Palace Pre-Orders are live!

You can find The Obsidian Palace here!

Writing books is a strange thing. The Obsidian Palace felt half-finished when I got a solid draft down. It felt finished when I turned it in to my publisher. And then again when we finished our rounds of edits and copyedits. There's that sense of finishing once again, as I see the Kitchens and Kingdoms series page on Amazon with all three books. I'm sure I'll have that same feeling on January 24th, when The Obsidian Palace releases.

But, in many ways, this is also the beginning for this book—a launch out into the world of readers. To everyone who's been reading along and leaving reviews for the series, thank you so much. I'm very proud to be sharing this last book with all of you.

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