June 18, 2018

Fyrecon 2018

I will be at Fyrecon this weekend in Layton, Utah! If you haven't been, this is a fantastic con focused on the craft and business of writing, art, and game design. Here's my schedule:


11:00am: Breaking or Retelling: How Far Can You Take a Classic Story (panel)
2:00pm: Roundtable: Mythology and its Modernization
4:00pm: Formula or Innovation: Which is the Better Path (panel)


12:00pm Accidental Heroes: Characters that Aren't Perfect (panel)
6:00pm Making Money Writing Short Fiction (class presentation)
7:00pm Managing Research and the Internet (panel)


1:00pm 3-to-1 Editing Session (You can sign up to have me edit 1,000 words of your work)
5:00pm Techniques for Worldbuilding Without Infodumping

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