October 22, 2014

Hidden Paths

To my surprise and delight, more than once I've had someone e-mail me and ask why on earth my short fiction wasn't available to buy as an e-book. I've been writing short fiction long enough now that I had a nice collection of stories whose rights had reverted back to me. Today, it's available on Amazon (more formats forthcoming).

Book Description: Nine fantastical tales of fantasy and science fiction from M.K. Hutchins. Delve in forbidden jungles, travel across flesh-eating oceans, and chow down on some cryonic sushi. Originally appearing in Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show, Daily Science fiction, and elsewhere, these stories are collected here for the first time.

Included is this collection is the novelette "The Temple's Posthole", which won an IGMS Reader's Choice award and was placed on the Tangent Online Recommended Reading List.

Here's the TOC:

"The Temple's Posthole" (originally published in IGMS #32)
"Water Lilies"  (originally published in Daily Science Fiction)
"Blank Faces" (originally published in IGMS #28)
"Raspberry Pudding" (originally published in Abyss & Apex #46)
"Wishing Hard Enough" (originally published in Leading Edge #65)
"Under Warranty" (originally published in Cucurbital 3)
"Canvas" (originally published in Daily Science Fiction)
"Cryonic Sushi" (originally published in Leading Edge #60)
"Bricks and Sunlight" (originally published in Suddenly Lost in Words #3)

Much thanks to those who wrote me and nudging me toward putting this together!


  1. Pretty cover!

    Got my copy, but I was surprised your lin went to your author page and not the product page.

  2. Eek -- link fixed. Thanks Andy! I'm glad you like the cover.

  3. So when you say more formats forthcoming, do you mean paper copies? Or more digital formats? Just wondering which I'd like to purchase with next month's Book budget. :)

    1. Hi Sam!

      I meant other digital formats outside of Amazon. I plan on working on hardcopy, but there's more work that goes into that, plus time to order a proof and make sure nothing's messed up, etc.