September 3, 2013

Favorite Daily Science Fiction Stories

I've been subscribing to Daily Science Fiction for two years now. Weird. It doesn't feel like that long.

If you're not familiar with the magazine, Daily Science Fiction e-mails a SF/F story every weekday to its sucribers (subscribing is free). Monday through Thursday is flash fiction, generally under 1,000 words and sometimes much shorter, while Friday stories run longer.

I've kept a folder in my e-mail just to keep track of my favorite DSF stories; I've pulled this handful of recommendations from there. Some of these are humorous, most of the rest tragic. Fiction this short seems to lend itself very well to ending with a laugh or a gut wrench. In any case, if you're looking for something (short) to read, here's some suggestions:

"Love is Orange, Love is Red" by Eric James Stone.

"By the Hands of Juan Peron" by Eric James Stone 

"Smaug, MD" by Andrew Kaye

"Things We Leave Behind" by Alex Shvartsman

"Neighbours" by Rob Butler

"Love's Footsteps" by Cat Rambo

"Susumu Must Fold" by Tony Pi

"Cartographer's Ink" by Beth Cato

"The Long Con" by Megan R. Engelhardt

"Do I Tell Her?" by Steven L Peck

"Dark Swans" by Terra LeMay

"The Last Seed" by Ken Liu

"A Gentlewoman's Guide to Time Travel" by Alice M. Roelke

Disclaimer: I haven't read every Daily Science Fiction story over the past two years. It all depends on what my morning's like or if I'm up late when the e-mail hits my inbox. So I'm sure I've left out some gems, but I hope you enjoy these ones.


  1. I didn't even know about this! How awesome!

  2. The title "Smaug, MD" caught my eye and the length of the piece fit perfectly into my morning.

    Or so I thought! 2 minutes to read, ending with a lurch that will take all morning to mull over. What a rotten trick!

  3. Thrilled to be on your list! Glad you enjoyed the story,