May 9, 2013

GSW & Review

My newest post, "Rockets and Leaf-Mould" is up over at Gem State Writers, here.

I was also happy to read this great review of my novelette, "The Temple's Posthole" up at Tanget.  This is, I think, my best story to date.  It's always nice to see people enjoy something I wrote, but I especially enjoyed this review because they enjoyed something I did on purpose.  You can read the whole review, but here's the excerpt that made me smile:

But what I love the most is that the story still centers around the characters and the mother-son relationship. I see precious few speculative fiction stories where characters younger than preteen play an important role, so it is delightful to see a narrative that not only has a strong supporting child character, but also pegs his age perfectly with age-appropriate dialogue and action....Even if you are not a parent, you will still find plenty to appreciate in Hutchin's dramatic first person narrative.

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