February 28, 2013

Book Announcement!

It's official!  From Publisher's Weekly:

Stacy Whitman at Lee & Low Books has acquired North American English and Spanish rights to the YA fantasy Drift by debut author M.K. Hutchins. In the book, Tenjat decides to save his family from poverty by joining the island's Handlers, who have the dangerous job of protecting their island – a giant turtle – from the "naga" monsters that surround them. Publication is set for spring 2014 under the Tu Books imprint; the Ashley Grayson Agency brokered the deal.

Needless to say, I'm thrilled to be able to tell everyone about this!  Working with Stacy on this book has been amazing. 

I started writing this story some seven or eight years ago.  Every few years I'd take it out, polish it up, then toss it in the back of the drawer while I worked on other projects.  It never quite felt finished.  Drift might still be in that drawer, if not for a library presentation from Laura Bingham.  I chatted with her afterwards, and she gave me the sage advice that submitting manuscripts is rather like doing the laundry: it isn't always enjoyable, but I should get into a routine of doing it.   

Drift came out of the drawer once more.  Off it went to Tu Books.  And to my delight, it stuck.


  1. Huzzahs and congratulations my friend! Woo! Idaho is now, officially not just "That spot on the map before you hit California and run out of map." :)