October 1, 2012

Counting Pumpkins: A Candy PnP

I originally invented this simple print-and-play (PnP) game to play with Swedish fish, then realized Halloween is coming.  The new version works with most any candy.  This would be fun to play with kiddos, or to print and hand out with candy on Halloween.

The PDF below has all the rules and the playing mats on it, 2 per page.  But here's the whole thing in blog format:

Counting Pumpkins

Equipment: Candy, 1 six-sided dice, printed mats for each player. 

Rules: The youngest player goes first, taking turns in clockwise order.  Every turn consists of a dice roll.  If the player rolls their lowest uncovered number, they place a candy on top of that number.  The game ends when one player has filled all five pumpkins; everyone may then eat their candy. Example: Jan has filled her #1 and #2 spots.  Nothing happens on her turn if she rolls a 1, 2, 4, or 5, but if she rolls a 3, she places a candy on her #3 pumpkin. 

Young Child Variation: When a player rolls a 6, they may eat a candy from the supply. 

Older Child Variation: When a player rolls a 6, they may select one other player and force them to eat their highest-numbered candy OR the player may use the 6 as a wild for their lowest uncovered number for 1-4 (but not 5).

I came up with this game because my 4-year-old is very good at telling me how many there are of something ("That's six!"), but he has a hard time actually counting numbers in order.  He has an uncanny sense for overtly "educational" things, but this passes his cool test.  For little kids, it's a good way to learn taking turns, rolling a dice, and cause-effect rules.  I hope the older variation throws in a nice touch of strategy.  Enjoy! 

Click here for the PDF. 

*If you're interested in more complex games, Board Game Geek has a cool section of PnP games for Halloween.

*I can't actually draw pumpkins; my thanks to the public domain clip-art at OpenClipArt.

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  1. I've played something similar to this before. Thanks for sharing!