September 12, 2012

Potpourri, for 200

It seems like a lot of things have been happening, so here's a mash of news and updates:

1. I announced this on Twitter, but I'm now represented by the Ashley Grayson Literary Agency.  Needless to say, I'm thrilled.

2. My short story, "Under Warranty," will appear in the upcoming Curcurbital 3 (press release here).  All the stories in this anthology use the same prompts -- madness, darkness, and mattress.  I decided to "write what you know," so my story features baby poop.  Enjoy!

3. The bloggers at Gem State Writers generously invited me to join their ranks, so I'll be posting there once a month.  I'll link to those posts from here.

4. My camera is a zombie.  It died, the internet reccomended banging it on a surface, and now it kind of shambles along.  This is why there's been a dearth of fiction-recipes of late.  Hopefully I can remedy this soon.

5. Likewise, I haven't had the chance to play many new board games recently, and thus have had few boardgames to blog about, but that's gradually changing.

6. And so long as I'm listing things -- I finished a draft of a new book!  My first drafts are usually a mess of notes and holes, but this one's readable enough for my writing group to chop up.


  1. Some amazing stuff going on! (Except for the camera-- that stinks.) Congrats on your agent!! And on the short story pub!! So glad things are going so great for you.

  2. Thanks, Shallee! It's good to be busy. :)