December 14, 2011

New Game

I'm planning on trying out some new kinds of posts.  I still want to post once a week, but I've realized to keep the book & boardgame match-ups going at the current rate, I need to play three awesome new games each month and have a book to match it to.  Or, rather, thirty-six games a year.  Eek!

So, to a new game.  I love fantasy and science fiction.  I'm always frustrated when these genres are labeled as pure escapism, or are ridiculed for having plots and situations irrelevant to the real world.  A few years ago, watching a movie, I realized that the plot could be summarized to sound like a literary novel.  Thinking harder, most any plot involving character change can be rewritten this way.  Here's a movie description.  Can you guess what film it belongs to?

A young woman, accustomed to small-town life has only small-town ambitions of marriage with her local sweetheart, until she takes a new job.  At first, she's terrified, but slowly learns through her successes that she is a capable woman.  She gains the confidence to see her old life through new eyes and leaves her fiance to pursue her career.

And the answer is...

Monsters vs Aliens.  I get a well-rounded story, plus monsters rampaging through an alien spaceship.  Ah, science fiction, how I love you.

Let me know if this game was interesting, and if you'd like to see more of these in the future!

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