January 14, 2022

July 16, 2021

"Useful Parasites" won a Scribe Award

So, the Scribe Awards were announced. The judges awarded both Christie Golden's "Stone by Stone" and my "Useful Parasites" with best short story. I...am pretty floored. I have written a good chunk of short fiction, but this Keyforge anthology was my first foray into media tie-in writing. I just wanted to turn in my best work (and, you know, not make my fantastic editor regret bringing me into the anthology). It is amazing to have my work celebrated alongside these other fantastic authors.

Here's the link to the announcement: https://iamtw.org/2021-scribe-award-winners/

May 28, 2021

Kitchens and Kingdoms News

Two exciting points of news!

THE CORAL PALACE, the sequel to THE REDWOOD PALACE, is now available for preorder. Also, I can quite happily say that the third and final book is turned into my editor. 

I've had some people ask how to be supportive of the series. One of the best things you can do to help the books reach more people is to simply leave a short review on Amazon.

Plum would love to work as Lady Sulat’s chef and spend her days crafting healing foods, but it isn’t safe for her to stay in the capital. She knows far too many of the king’s secrets. Lady Sulat proposes sending Plum away on a covert mission.

Learn all about poisons. Learn how to defend against them. Head into dangerous territory.

Unfortunately, Plum has to rely on her sister for support...the sister who isn’t even the tiniest bit sorry for nearly getting Plum executed. Her poisons teacher is an old enemy. And, given the secretive nature of what she’s doing, Plum can’t even openly talk to Bane about it.

But Plum is going to give it her all. After what she’s seen of war, she’s willing to take any risk and pay any price to secure peace for Rowak.

December 21, 2020

End of Year Post 2020

First off: The Redwood Palace e-book is on sale until tomorrow for $0.99. If you've been meaning to grab it, now is a great time.

2020 has been a year, to say the least. It's odd to see fiction I wrote pre-pandemic come out during this time. In any case, I had four new stories released this year. "The Librarian's Duel" and "Inconvenient Parasites" were both in Keyforge: Tales From the Crucible. This was my first time writing tie-in fiction, and I've been delighted to get such good reviews. "Upcycling Death" came out in Brain Games: Stories to Astonish. And last but not least, "This is How the Rain Falls" from Daily Science Fiction, which is free to read online.

What will next year hold? I don't know. Things with The Coral Palace are well underway with my publisher and I'm working on editing the third and final Plum book, which has some of my favorite scenes yet.

I hope everyone is healthy and staying safe. May the next year be better than this one.

March 23, 2020

Kindle Sale + Keyforge

Given the rough times we are all in together, right now until March 26th, Immortal works has all their e-books on sale for $0.99, including The Redwood Palace.

Unrelated, but cheerful and bright -- I'm going to be part of Keyforge: Tales From the Crucible. I have two novelettes in here, "Useful Parasites" and "The Librarian's Duel." As someone who adores board games, it was extremely fun to write in this world. There's already some great reviews coming in. If you're a book reviewer, this one is over at Netgalley.

I wish I had something profound to add about everything that's happening in the world right now, but truth of the matter is, I'm no great essayist. I am taking care of my family, playing board games, staying away from other people, and trying not to spend too much time reading the news. I hope everyone else out there is trying to stay safe.