April 24, 2023

Book Cover Updates!

Immortal Works refreshed the first two Kitchens & Kingdoms books. New ones are the top row. I think the new series logo looks great! But I also like that the originals still match (because wow do I have some wildly mismatches series on my shelf).

February 1, 2023

LTUE Cards

These little cards were supposed to show up right before LTUE, but here they are, weeks early! I'm very grateful for one less thing to stress about. If you're at the conference, I have cards to give away now! I'll have some with me, and I'll put some on the freebie table.

January 24, 2023

Release Day for The Obsidian Palace

The third and final book in the Kitchens and Kingdoms trilogy is out today! The Obsidian Palace is live! I have no idea how it got to be January 24th. Find it here!

January 23, 2023

I've been DMing Pathfinder 2E for a year and a half now, and I'm really pleased to see Paizo navigating the whole OGL thing not only well, but with style. Today seemed like a good day for a pretty picture.

The LEGO minifigs are not my PCs, but some of my favorite NPCs. The lady with the frying pan has been around since the very first level-one adventure. The PCs have since gifted her a mithral waffle iron (which are supposed to make the very best waffles).

January 18, 2023

LTUE 2023 Schedule: Books + Boardgames

 LTUE 2023 is a month away, and I will actually be there this year! I was surprised and excited that there will be a boardgame + writing crossover panel, and I'm on it. My stories for Keyforge obviously started with a board game, but so did Ana's Asteroid. I began thinking about orbits, space travel, and ways to easily go back and forth from Mars to Earth during long games of Phil Eklund's High Frontier. That all led to the idea of the Platinum Pheonix—a large asteroid nudged into an orbit that would pass near Earth and Mars, allowing it to function as both a shuttle and a mining colony.

Anyway, my LTUE 2023 (Feb 16-18) schedule, in full:

Thursday, 1:00 PM: Using Games in Your Fiction

Friday, 5:00 PM: Historical Sources for Historical Research

Friday, 7:00 PM: Book Signing

Saturday, 1:00 PM: Top 10 Board Games for Writers

Saturday, 4:00 PM: Influential Tomes of Earth's Cultures